Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review: "Spider-Touched" by Jory Strong

Jory Strong's "Spider-Touched" take us back to the post apocalyptic world she created in "Ghostland". In "Spider-Touched", we're introduced to Tir and Arana. Tir has no memory of his past but knows that he absolutely hates humans since they are the ones who have kept him enslaved him via a collar that mutes his powers. Arana, is a human thief who is taken prisoner and has a deadly spider tattoo. The two meet when Arana, upon escaping her prison, frees Tir from his shackles. Their paths converge as Arana seeks revenge for the death of her two friends while Tir seeks the key to removing his collar and gaining his freedom. Characters from "Ghostland" also make an appearance in "Spider-Touched". My take:


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