Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review: "Mastered by Love" by Stephanie Laurens

In Stephanie Lauren's final Bastion Club novel, "Daziel" Royce Varlsey, the new Duke of Wolverstone, has returned to his childhood home upon the death of his father to deal with his estate and his future - a life out of the spy business. He discovers Minerva Chesterton, the young girl his parents adopted, is now the chatelaine. (I'll admit it - I had to look up chatelaine to confirm my definition of the word. In this sense, chatelaine means: the mistress of an elegant or fashionable household - not necessarily just a castle, as I had originally thought.)

As the new duke, Royce has to marry soon. He soon discovers that he wants Minerva as his wife, but Minerva doesn't think she can handle having Royce as a husband. The Wolverstone clan is not know for their fidelity. Royce has to draw upon his skills (in and out of bed) to convince Minerva she is the only one he wants - now and forever. My take:


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