Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review: "A Duke of Her Own" by Eloisa James

I had not read any of Eloisa James' books prior to reading her newest Duchess book, A Duke of Her Own, this past week. If this book is an indication of James' other books - particularly her Duchess series - then I deserve a kick for not picking up her books before this. In A Duke of Her Own, Leopold Dautry, the Duke of Villiers, needs to marry - and marry nobly. Since his options only include daughters of dukes, he's limited in his choices - Eleanor, the beautiful and intelligent daughter of the Duke of Montague, or Lisette, the beautiful and free spirited daughter of the Duke of Gilner?

From what I gather reading this book and excerpts from previous Duchess books, Villiers is a notorious scoundrel who appears in each of the previous Duchess books. I hope all of the heroes in the other Duchess books are as delicious as Villiers. I can't wait to scoop up the rest of this series. My take:


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