Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To Buy or Not To Buy

The hard decisions that a booklover/reader goes through. To buy or not to buy? Today I have the difficult task of deciding whether or not to buy an anthology. Nalini Singh's Wild Invitation is out today. I love Nalini's writing and she is an autobuy for me. However, I tend to stay away from anthologies. Usually, in an anthology, there is only one, maybe two, author whose story I'm interested in reading. That's an expensive short story. But sometimes it pays off. You end up reading all the stories in the anthology and sometimes you end up discovering a new to you author whose story really grabs you. I was introduced to Meljean Brooks as well as a few other authors this way.

But this anthology features only Nalini Singh stories. Which is awesome if it wasn't for the fact that I've already read and own two of the four stories provided in this anthology. And of the two new stories I'm really only interested in one (and early reviews have many proclaiming it as good as I expected). So do I buy the anthology where I'm basically paying $7.99 for one short story? Okay, two short stories because I'll read the other story too if I have it. Or do I wait and hope for the standalone release of the short story that I really want? Decisions, decisions...


  1. You know, anthologies often let me down, too! I think I'm not a short story girl.

    1. Luckily in these days of self publishing and e-books if one has the patience eventually the short story will be released as a standalone. I just don't have the patience/self control to wait for autobuy authors.