Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reading Habits: Nibbler or Devour-er?

I love the weekends. Not just because I don't have to work but it means I get more then just a few hours to read. I can read in to the wee hours of the night or all day (or even all weekend if I'm being extremely lazy about chores and my to do list). I obviously really enjoy long holiday weekends. Those provide awesome opportunities to binge read and do series/author re-reads.

I occasionally get in some reading during the weekday. I'll sneak read at work if it's slow even though I feel like I'm back in elementary school when I do this. I use to read in class with my book in my lap while my textbook was on my desk. Now, instead of a book, my Kindle is sitting to the side of my monitor. I try not to start new books on weekday evenings since I prefer to read books in one sitting (I'm a fast reader) but mainly because I have no self control and will stay up reading until I finish the book. Of course there are exceptions - like when an auto-buy author releases a new book that I've been dying to read. Staying up all night to read a new Nalini Singh or Kristen Ashley story is not a hardship.

So, are you a nibbler - reading bits here and there when time permits, or do you devour up your books in big bites like I like to do?


  1. Like you, I take big bites. I generally finish any book within 24 hours of starting it...often staying up WAY too late, and then regretting it when I have to jump up and function by 7 a.m. Now I try NOT to start something at 10 pm...because that always leads to trouble.

    My husband, on the other hand, reads in about 30 page clumps, so it takes him forever to finish a book. I can't imagine doing that, but I almost wish I could (sometimes).

    1. Yeah. I also have a time on weekdays that I absolutely don't even pick up a book because I know I will be up until I finish said book.

      I don't seem to enjoy books as much if I read bits and pieces as time permits. I feel like I lose the flow of the story when that happens. And I also have to go back and reread a bit to get back into the story.