Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: "In the Dark of Dreams" by Marjorie M. Liu

Marjorie M. Liu's latest installment in her Dirk and Steele series is the November 30, 2010 release of In the Dark of Dreams. I haven't had a chance to read all the books in this series, but I greatly enjoyed reading The Fire King, the 9th book in this series.

One of these days I'll hunt down the rest of her backlist to read this series in order. However, while this story is part of the Dirk and Steele series and previous characters from the Dirk and Steele world make an appearance, this story can stand on it's own.

It was interesting to see how the chance meeting between the hero and heroine as young children created a bond between the two that affected their futures. Each has suffered loss and disappointment, and it was nice seeing the author have the two work to open themselves up to each other and not just rely on their bond to create an instant relationship between the two. The only time I was jarred out of the story was when the hero and heroine finally have sex. After days of running from the bad guys, swimming in the ocean, crawling through a jungle, and more swimming in the ocean, wouldn't you have wanted a shower to wash off all that salt water as soon as you were in a safe place? I'm not familiar with fishing vessels, so perhaps there wasn't a shower in the head. Books usually don't go into detail about personal needs, but I think a mention of her doing the best she could to freshen up the first morning she was on the boat would have been helpful and realistic.

My take: .

Here's the blurb for In the Dark of Dreams:

She could never forget the boy with the ice blue eyes...She was only twelve when she saw the silver boy on the beach, but Jenny has never stopped dreaming about him. Now she is grown, a marine biologist charting her own course in the family business - a corporation that covertly crosses the boundaries of science into realms of the unknown...and the incredible.

And now he has found her again, her boy grown into a man: Perrin, powerful and masculine, and so much more than human, leaving Jenny weak with desire, and aching for his touch.

But with their reunion comes danger. For Perrin and Jenny - and all living creatures - their only hope for preventing the unthinkable lies in a mysterious empire far beneath the sea...and in the power of their dreams.

SOURCE: e-ARC courtesy of HarperCollins via NetGalley


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