Monday, February 1, 2010

Feeding the Habit

How do you feed your book habit? For a week, I've been lurking on Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Nobles' websites (as well as local book stores) checking on the availability of various books. It drives me crazy when I see that a book is available for order on-line but not in stock at the store yet. Do I buy it on-line and anxiously await the order to be shipped, or do I gamble and hope it hits the shelves early (or even on time)? Which route will get me the book the quickest? Decisions, decisions.

I'm anxiously awaiting my Barnes & Noble order right now. Since I placed my order mid-week, I had to wait 2 extra days due to the weekend. But today when I get home I will be able to finally read Nalini Singh's Archangel's Kiss, the follow up to Angel's Blood. Yesterday, I actually looked forward to Monday because I knew UPS would be delivering my books to me. I can't wait to get home to start reading!


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