Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I love it when I go to the bookstore and find that a book I'm waiting for is out early. I went into to Borders last night to pick up a copy of Patricia Brigg's Hunting Ground (and to use my Borders rewards). Unfortunately, my Borders didn't have the book in yet (bad bookstore), but they did have a couple of other books I wasn't expecting out yet. I took home Christina Dodd's Storm of Visions (the first of her new series) and Eloisa James' A Duke of Her Own. I haven't read any of Eloisa James' books before, but I'm looking forward to reading her new book after skimming through the first chapter at the bookstore.

Lori Foster/L.L. Foster and Erin McCarthy's new anthology Out of the Light, Into the Shadows was also out on the shelves, but I'm going to wait to buy it at Barnes & Nobles to get my discount. I also originally had Elizabeth Bevarly's Neck & Neck on my list, but after skimming the first part of it at the store, I changed my mind - it didn't really draw me in. How do you decide on whether or not to buy a book that you're on the fence on? Do you read a bit of it like I do to decide?


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